Tech for Good: Redefining Success in Business

There are 2300 companies worldwide who are redefining success in business. KeHe is one of those companies. What does it mean to be a Certified B Corporation? It means the whole company meets the higher standards of accountability and transparency. It’s simply a better way to do business. In this session, KeHe will share not only what it means to be a B Corp but also their local involvement in the bettering the community. In addition, they will show how technology continues to differentiate themselves within the marketplace.

Leading with your Flaws; The Impact on Win Rates

The future of sales and sales leadership is radically transparent - are you ready to embrace it and become ‘flawsome’? Todd Caponi will explore how leading with your flaws and transparency in sales is the fastest path to lasting trust, especially as the world of B2B selling changes due to an increasing amount of reviews and feedback. 

Panel, Customer Experience

TBD from Lindsey


Topics of Discussion

Building a World-Class Go To Market Team

It’s never been more critical to have a strong product marketing team living in the middle of your fast-moving, complex company to architect successful go-to-market strategies.

Before you can go-to-market, you need the right strategy. Join Yoni, who will share the product marketing playbook he’s used to build technology's top-ranked product marketing team.

  • The core competencies your next product marketing leader must have

  • The product marketing 'personas' behind a well-balanced team

  • The repeatable GTM playbook to start launch successfully

The Path to IPO

Get a front-row seat to learn about Sprout Social’s journey to becoming a public company in 2019 (SPT Nasdaq Listed - December 13, 2019). During this no-holds-barred conversation, you’ll become privy to the ins and outs of the IPO process, lessons learned and the things the Sprout team wish they knew throughout their experience reaching this milestone. 

Thriving on Chaos: Scaling through Change

Join Dan Kardatzke, CFO at Kin + Carta (formerly Solstice), as he provides an honest and open discourse on organizational models and what contributes to a company’s culture. He’ll also share how to lean into the risks in order to achieve big returns, and what it means to thrive on the chaos around you in order to scale effectively. 

The Myth of "Fit" - Managing New Leader Risk

Successful onboarding is a team effort. Many new leadership hires are expected to excel because they were hired based on “fit” – but that expectation is actually a myth. 

Hiring managers get excited about new hires. Yet they might also fail them – by not setting them up for success. New leaders have a role, as well – in making sure they have support from the organization. 

This session will help both hiring managers and new leaders identify and mitigate onboarding risk to guarantee a great start. And ensure their “fit”. 

How many of you have hired a new team member in the last year? 

How did you feel when making the offer? And then when planning for their start date? 

  • Excitement is natural, but there are few executives who don’t feel some anxiety when bringing new leaders on board. These roles bring pressure for near-immediate performance. 

  • And getting a great hire is only the start. 

How many of you have recently entered a new job? 

  • Is there anything about the role that worries you? 

  • What is the organization doing to support your transition?  

  • Do you feel comfortable asking for onboarding help? 

Common Threads: Designing your Company's DNA

Just like the strands of DNA that make each person unique, each organization has its own strands of company DNA that lead to a successful culture. Matt XXX will walk you through how these strands weave together to power your organization to the next level. From relationships built between employees to internal and external mentors, bringing the right people into the organization at the right time are part of the overall success. You’ll learn how over time, common threads and core values become more established and form the backbone of your organization’s culture, which itself is critical to success and retention.